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About us

Hi we're Loupe! We're an indie rock band consisting of four members: Nina Ouattara - vocals, keys, Lana Kooper - bass, Annemarie van den Born - drums and Abel van der Waals - guitar. Our music has been described by media as dynamic, dreamy and hypnotic. One of the special things about us is that this is an equal creative collaboration between the four members, where everyone's different influences, from synthpop to afrobeat to folk, merge into one whole. An important element of our sound is that each individual instrumental part is a melody, a hook in itself. The texts are often personal and based on own experiences, with themes such as growth and self-knowledge.



“Loupe sells songs to disappear into and comes up with beautiful sentences full of wonder and indefinable longing.” – De Volkskrant

“The best new Dutch band of the moment.” – NRC

“Loupe has everything it takes to, at the very least, shine at the summer festivals next year. The music is dynamic, sometimes hypnotic and also well composed.” – Dansende Beren

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